Bovine Colostrum Cake Powder

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Ternimaitojauheen käyttöä suositellaan ennen kaikkea bioaktiivisena terveysruokana bakteeri- ja virustartuntojen ehkäisemiseksi.



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cow’s colostrum milk

Amount: 50 g

Best before: see packaging

Producer: Teadus ja Tegu OÜ, Estonia

Keep in a cool and dry place, protected from light


Cake powder is made by freeze-drying of 2-4. days colostrum and therefore contains about a third less protein, but nevertheless has a very high nutritional value.


To make a former farm sweet treat, a colostrum cake, you must:

1) reconstitute the powder for colostrum by dissolving the contents of the package (50 g) in 200 grams of milk, stirring vigorously for a few to three times and letting it stand for a few minutes;

2) The mixture should be heated to 80-90 ° C until it coagulates.


Serving is possible both hot and chilled. Various syrups (for example, birch sap syrup), jam, cinnamon, vanilla sugar or another suitable seasoning may be added for flavoring.


Colostrum powder can also be successfully used for seasoning dishes or mixing them into foods (such as ice cream mixtures).


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